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Sarah Mukhtiar

The Strength in Vulnerability

Sarah Mukhtiar is a theatre enthusiast and proactive student. Being a passionate writer, she loves how writing makes her feel free and lets her imagination run wild. Additionally, she is a phenomenal speaker and has successfully achieved a distinction at Public speaking at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art at the grade seven level. She believes ‘Behind the mask’ symbolizes hidden emotions, outward pretenses, and mental health struggles. She wishes to use her voice to create a ripple for change with vulnerability. Presenting to you, Sarah Mukhtiar our student speaker at TEDxYouth@JNIS2022.


Sanjiti Saha

Taking Advantage of Adversity and Building Resilience

Sanjiti Saha is a national-level record holder in swimming, the most significant part of her personality. When she's not at swimming meets, she enjoys public speaking, advocating women's rights and mental health. She's a voracious reader and writer, ever ready to convey ideas of social importance. Having occupied the leadership position at her previous school, she has spoken at various school events. Sanjiti believes in her ability to bring a tangible change in the world, and she aims to voice out her opinions and experiences at the TEDx Youth JNIS 2022.

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Siddhant Karnick

When I unmasked myself

Siddhant Karnick is a multitalented actor known for his performances on a variety of media— Theater, Films, Television, Improvised Comedy, and Voice Overs. And when he is not in front of the camera, he sets off to distant corners of India, chronicling his adventures through his Youtube channel and exercising his affinity for motorcycles and storytelling. After his previous impactful TED talks—‘Life of a Motorcycle Monk’ and ‘Failure can be Awesome,’ he is back at TEDxYouth@JNIS2022. Don’t miss it!

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Dr. Shefali Batra

The Depression Pandemic

Dr. Shefali Batra— the founder of MindFrames, a wellness organization aimed at de-stigmatizing mental health and spreading awareness about psychological wellness, the author of ‘Teenage Matters,’ one of the first few professionals to optimally use technology in mindfulness training and cognitive analysis, an advocate for mindfulness and self-awareness, and so much more—is here to enlighten us about ‘The Depression Pandemic’, exposing the truth behind depression, and rejecting the associated stigma.